Camping in Cobram!

DING DING the toaster went off so I knew breakfast was ready Eliza was up and everyone was making and eating toast and sipping tea.

Later that day we went for a swim I jumped in the outside pool and Eliza asked a girl called Anika to play with us.

For the rest of the day we swam and bought lollies, we also went go carting and we got to have a double one and a single go cart we went around the whole holiday park! My favourite place was the huge jumping pillow.

This was the greatest holiday ever!


  1. You didn’t really put much detail in.
    I didn’t get the bit where you said they were making and eating toast.
    I liked how you put diffrent things in.

  2. I loved reading your recount although there was a fewer full stops.
    One of the most enjoyable sentices was your sizzling start.
    Maybe you could have done it about one subject for example do a recount just about the thing you enjoyed most in your holiday.
    I really enjoyed your recount I’m excited to see what you do next!
    From Indiana

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