Blueback Book Review

Come and join Abel and his mother Dora Jackson on an adventure to help and save the sea. They have a lot on their hands, his mothers age, a troublesome fish and mysterious people coming and over fishing.

They live on a big property that lots of people want to buy, but Abel and his mother will not let that happen so they push on to save the sea, their home and Blueback.
This is a great book that I recommended for ages 9 and up.
I rate this book 4 and a half stars out of 5!20150413-132927.jpg


One of the authors messages are to stand up for what you believe in.
I really enjoyed this book and I hope you do too.

Written by Tim Winton


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  1. Dear Anneliese

    I enjoyed reading your review of Blueback by author Tim Winton. I am pleased you enjoy reading so much and I look forward to future book reviews.

    From Dad

    Ps – Tim Winton is one of my favourite authors

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