An Amazing ANZAC Tale

Can you ever imagine what it would be like to be at Gallipoli? Well now you can when war was declared on the 5th of August 1914 many brave men enlisted thirsty for adventure, though once they got there war was nothing that they had ever imagined. Best mates Roy Martin and Wally Cardwell are in for a surprise that may hit them pretty hard when the Turks start bombing. They sail across sea’s to find a wrong landing, grey skies and grey land.
More lives lost, more friends lost this is a heart felt story that has been told with much effort.

I rate this book 4/5 stars because it has great language, it is very descriptive and I love the pictures. What I dislike about this book is I would make the writing a bit larger.


Recommended age: ages 9 and up

Author: Ruth Starke
Illustrator: Greg Holfeld




  1. Hi Anneliese
    That book sounds very moving and you too have used very descriptive text in your review. I will try get around to read that book now.

  2. Dear Anneliese
    I liked how you started An Amazing Anzac Tale with a question it really made me want to read more.
    I think you should make the title a little more interesting.
    From Amy

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