About Me

1. What is your middle name? My middle name is Jane.
2. What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is blue.

3. Have u been out of the country? Yeah for 2 months in Europe.
4. What is your birthstone and star sign? My birthstone is Garnet and my star sign is Capricorn.
5. Can u speak any other languages? I speak a bit of German and Italian.
6. Do you have any other siblings? Yes I have one brother.
7. What is your eye colour? Blue-green.
8. Do you rather day or night? Day.
9. What is your favourite drink? Fanta or sprite.
10. What are your favourite sports? Basketball and Footy.

11. Who is your favourite singer? Ed Sheeran.
12. Three words to describe me. Sporty, Funny and friendly.
13. What is your favourite fruit? My favourite fruit is mangoes.
14. What is the colour of my hair? My hair is brown.
15. What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend? My favourite thing to do on the weekend is play sports and hang with friends.
I hope you learnt something about me!

Comment and let me know what your favourite song is.

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  1. Hey Anneliese,
    In your post I like he way you have pictures but it is a bit boring when you ask the questions instead of saying I’ve been to Europe for 2 months. My fave singer is Ed Sheehan as well. Great work!

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