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Stars in STARLAB

“Wow this place is amazing,” I exclaimed as I walked into the dome. Today we were going to a STARLAB production and learn about space and day and night. It was going to be awesome.

Everyone was super EXCITED we couldn’t wait to see what happens next!
First we all sat down and got settled then someone STEPPED OUT OF THE DOME! Everyone was scared but soon realised it was just Nick the Person who was teaching us about STARS!

Then the learning started………..
“The earth spins a whole turn that equals 24 hours,” Nick explained as he showed the diagrams on the roof of the big dome.
The biggest known star is the UY Stuci and it makes the sun look tiny.
Now onto the Moon when the moon is in front of the sun we can not see it it’s invisible to see. Then as it moves away from the sun. It becomes for clearer to see.
About 45 minutes later we had to leave!
I wish we could do it again.