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Really Revolting!

Today my buddy watched a play done by me and my LC group.

What we had to do is to get a Roald Dahl book and do the play. Our play was Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. This is what she had to say about it.

My buddy didn’t have much feedback but she laughed in between our play so she really liked the play that me and our LC group did.



20150520-121711.jpg This is some of what I read

Mr Tail-Less

Our class is reading an amazing book called ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl!
And this term we are doing inferences so we have inferenced Fantastic Mr Fox.

‘Down in the valley, there were three farms. The owners had done well’
I infer this means that they were rich and they had done a good job looking after their farm.

‘I can smell these goons from a mile away. I can smell one from the other’
Fantastic Mr Fox implied, I Inferred that he meant to say they were crazy and mean!

What does ‘glum’ mean?
It means to be sad or unhappy.

What are some inferences that you can make about the farmers?
They are very mean and don’t like the fox so they try to kill it with their  guns.

This book so far is 5 out of 5 stars!



What does ANZAC day mean to you?

Anzac Day is special to me because it makes me remember who fought and died for their country to save it. The 25th of April is not a normal day it is a day to remember our amazing soldiers that had bravery and persistence. This Saturday it is important to remember those who went to the blood stained land to fight for us. It is breath taking, heart bursting and tear dropping to see a friend die in front of you but imagine those who saw 10s of thousands die in front of them. It is good that we remember what happened a hundred years ago but it is not just a hundred years ago it is a hundred years since loved ones, friends and others died to save their country. Lest We Forget!


For the Fallen (ode)

This is what I think one of the paragraphs  of for the fallen means.

They shall not grow old, for we that are left grow old

They will never get to grow old because they died and won’t be able to die old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years that condemn

They won’t worry about their age because they won’t be able to live to a old age.

The the going down of the sun and the morning. We will remember them

We will remember them for what they did for us and our country to save us. We will remember them always!

Farmer Duck


My teacher read an imaginative book to us today called farmer duck.
Now I know how important it is to be persistent so I am going to be persistent to become a life long learner.

– I think that one of the hidden messages is don’t do someone’s work for them.

– I think another message is that you shouldn’t stay in bed all day because it makes you you lazy and you will get fat if you don’t get any exercise.

– Another hidden message is that if you work together then the job gets done faster and the farmer should of helped them.

– don’t be afraid to say no.

– I think that one of the hidden messages is how the duck worked to his best.

Camping in Cobram!

DING DING the toaster went off so I knew breakfast was ready Eliza was up and everyone was making and eating toast and sipping tea.

Later that day we went for a swim I jumped in the outside pool and Eliza asked a girl called Anika to play with us.

For the rest of the day we swam and bought lollies, we also went go carting and we got to have a double one and a single go cart we went around the whole holiday park! My favourite place was the huge jumping pillow.

This was the greatest holiday ever!

All about me – Anneliese

Hello my name is Anneliese I go to New Gisborne Primary school, I think our school has wonderful education and I don’t ever want to leave.

I am interested in horses and love reading books. I do art classes and and recently made a possum with clay.

My favourite subjects in school are maths, performing arts, art, English and kitchen garden. NGPS has been doing the kitchen garden program since 2006, it is a great curriculum for all students to get their hands dirty and to learn how to cook some yummy and healthy foods.

I hope you like my blog and it is all about sharing and learning.

Kind regards Anneliese